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The app allows you to calculate relative efficiency of some units (companies, debt instruments, investment funds, financial instruments, portfolios), which are using inputs (resources) to produce outputs (KPIs, including potentially conflicting ones). At the core of our app is data envelopment analysis methodology (used in various applications since the ' 70s, including comparison of banks, financial companies, portfolios of securities, etc). The methodology allows combining in one model any inputs and outputs (even non-monetary), while taking account of scale effects and global technological/general market conditions shifts.
Portfolio optimization
Research the dynamics of instruments of any kind, find the most efficient companies now and in the past.
Which firms are most efficient?
What funds are most efficient?
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Buy-side analysis
Formalize and build multi-criteria decision-making models, analyze the industries.
Which firm to analyze?
What firm to recommend?
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M&A management
Build multi-criteria evaluation of potential firms to takeover and predict efficiency after merger.
Merging of which inefficient units can make one, but effective?
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How DEA works?
Data envelopment analysis is a methodology to distinguish between efficient and inefficient units, which could be anything from industries to firms to branches to hedge funds to algotrading robots to platoons to cockroaches to galaxies etc etc. Initially born within dull and stern macro economic realms, DEA gradually evolved into KPI-like methodology applied to approximately anything, usually studied and researched under operation research umbrella. Anything which could be described as a black box, transforming inputs into outputs, could one day appear a subject to DEA in some peer-reviewed paper. Currently this is one of the most cited and published topic in business and economics field.
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Bloomberg and DEA synergy
Works with any data
DEA is a nonparametric method that allows you to work with any kind of data from monetary to natural.
High-quality rich data
Bloomberg functionality gives you an access to a huge amounts of data.
No data preparation
Uniqueness lies in the fact that using Bloomberg free you from preliminarily long data processing and bringing it to a single view, time zones etc.
Powerful infographics
70! Ratings allows you not only to export calculated DEA results, but shows useful infographics.
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