Apps for datamining in finance
Our mission is to help banks and investment companies to enter into a new level of analysis of that tons of data available on the market. We appreciate only reliable data and we like when data is really big. Therefore, our applications use Bloomberg and Reuters API, where you can get anything you could want, even if you had not even thought of.

We honour the convenience and minimalism and pay much attention to user experience and design of our products.
Pavel Kositsyn
7+ years of CFO experience.
Alexander Didenko
PhD in economics, 10+ years of algorithmic trading and portfolio management experience.
Denis Zelentsov
Programmer and mathematician with 8+ years experience in finance and control.
Valery Barmin
4+ years experience in marketing and algorithmic trading.
Evgeniy Zelentsov
Software developer
4+ years experience in back-end development and technical support.